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There are thousands of movies, TV shows, music and unique videos available for free on the internet. RixFlix can show you how to access these, and with the right equipment, watch them on your television whenever you like. RixFlix does not actually provide any movies, nor does it violate any copyright laws. RixFlix stongly urges you to get out of the house and see a movie in a theater, or, if after downloading a movie you like, puchase it from Amazon or Walmart.


How It Works

Movies and TV shows are released on DVD everyday. People with limited social skills all around the world spend hundreds of hours converting these DVD's into computer friendly format and upload them to an Internet accessed file storage host such as RapidShare. Then they post the links to those files on a website like SilentGround.org or CouchTater.com. Using a download assistant like JDownloader, you copy these links and download the files to your hard drive. Once on the hard drive, you de-compress the files and then watch them on your computer using VLC media player. If you have a PS3, you can stream all downloaded content, movies and music, to your home entertainment system.

So Lets Start

First we need to install some applications on your computer, if you dont already have them. Go ahead and install each of the below and use the default settings.

  1.  WinRar - needed to de-compress your downloads

  2.  JDownloader - used to simplify downloading from RapidShare

  3.  VLC Player - Used to watch almost ANY video without having to install CODEC's

  4.  PS3 Media Server - used to stream downloads to your PS3

Next we need to set up some accounts. Go to SilentGround.org and Couchtater.com and set up some accounts. These are web blogs that members post links to their material on. A user account ID is required. You will never get SPAM from either of these sites. Payment is voluntary, but RixFlix highly recommends paying for a membership in order to keep the web sites running in the future.

An optional account on RapidShare is a must. You CAN do it for free, but it is time intensive to download an entire movie. For around $20 US you can get at least 200 movies for a 3 month membership. 

You are now ready to move on